San Diego Winter Brew Fest is Coming!

WinterBrewFestThe San Diego Winter Brew Fest is coming soon! On Friday, February 8th, join me and 2000 of your closest friends at the Port Pavillion on Broadway Pier for what promises to be a great evening of craft beer enjoyment. As a special thank you to my followers, use the promotional code to receive a $5 discount off general admission or VIP tickets!

This event benefits Outdoor Outreach and San Diego Mountain Biking Association so you will be doing some good while having a great time in America’s #1 craft beer city.

Here is a list of the confirmed breweries:

Avery, Ace, Belching Beaver, Coronado, Green Flash, Helm’s, Iron Fire, Lagunitas, Legends, Manzanita, Mission, Sierra Navada, Stone, Hangar 24, Widmer Brothers, and Thorn St.

There will be beer, food trucks, live music and good times making the ticket price an incredible value without the discount. Let me know when you get your tickets and I’ll see you there!


SDSU Aztecs Cannon Eye View #2

This is the second installment of the newest feature on Sore Eye Sports, Cannon Eye View. The SDSU Aztecs took on University of Hawaii and the KGB Skyshow followed the game giving me double duty this week. I got to shoot the cannon as usual and also help out with the Skyshow fireworks.

Pyro Spectaculars is the fireworks display company I work for and they are the best pyrotechnic company in the world. Feeling incredibly sick, the event was a test of will that lead to the eventual acceptance of exhaustion.

The fireworks setup started on Thursday; the amount of work, equipment and logistics necessary to put together an event like this is staggering. Pyro Spectaculars invented Skyshow with KGB, click here to read more about the history of the show and this year we put together a great one.

On the day of the game I felt like the walking dead but was determined to make it through the game and help tear down the fireworks site. Cold meds, coffee and Red Bull were not enough fuel to push me through and in the end I gave into exhaustion and went home after the game ended.

The Aztec game was one of the funnest cannon days ever. We were in the lead immediately and clearly dominating the Warriors (Hawaii). It is exciting to fire a cannon in the stadium any day and with the large crowd for Skyshow it was even better. Feeling weak I mainly watched the game, kept the area in front of the cannon clear for firing and collected the plastic caps from the shells after they were fired.

SDSU put on a great display and ended up stomping Hawaii, the final score was 52-14. The quarterback scored 5 touchdowns, 3 rushing and two passing. He was named Mountain West co-offensive player of the week for the effort and it was the most points the Aztecs have scored in a game since 2007.

We fired at the end of game time for the victory and started getting hyped for Skyshow. I taped my cellphone to the handle of a tripod to film it, footage below, and changed lenses on my camera to take a few pictures.

Skyshow 37 delivered a tremendous synchronized fireworks display to great music. This year’s theme was Back to the Future and they started the show with a Delorian. I got to check it out earlier in the day adn this is still an awesome car.

The music choices were broken up by decade and I feel this was one of the better themes in recent history. Using the hits from each decade really gave you a feel the show had different acts and wasn’t just randomly pausing. The pyrotechnics were very well designed and synchronized. The crew did an amazing job with placement and wiring. You have no idea how easily it would be to accidentally have a green or blue firework in the middle of “Red Rain” but that didn’t happen.

My only regret was not being well enough to help tear down and clean up. It is difficult for me to leave a site before it’s put in the truck but did not have anything left. It was a great day, I got to work with some of the greatest people on the planet doing one of the coolest pyrotechnic shows in the world and shoot a cannon in the middle of a crowded stadium while being on the field for the Aztec football game!

Have a look at my photo gallery below, the footage from my cell phone on the field and the official KGB video. Come to the homecoming game this Saturday, help cheer on the Aztecs to victory and watch out for Cannon Eye View #3 next Wednesday!

Blunted Athletics: Introducing Jack Acosta & Christian Allwein

Blunted Athletics recently added 2 ripping BMX ams to the crew. Jack Acosta and Christian Allwein are definitely the future of bike riding. I have seen Jack ride a few times, here’s a shot from the Blunted Athletics Secret Jam earlier this year, but I had not seen him in streets. Christian is an all new rider to me and I am stoked on his moves.

My favorite clip from Acosta was definitely the footjam whip on the huge bank. That run out clip just before showing us he got it looked sketchy and that only adds to thrill.

The night time end clip from Allwein stood out. I have no idea how riders manual, hop and throw 360s in the dark, great work.

Let’s not forget the filmer and editor, Alex Romero. These 3 are part of Grim Crew, a group of shredding riders in the Chula Vista area. Everything I have seen from them is top notch indicating a solid and bright future for them all.

Have a look at the edit, support a great San Diego company, Blunted Athletics and let me know what you think about it.

Introducing Jack Acosta & Christian Allwein from Blunted Athletics on Vimeo.

SDSU Aztecs Cannon Eye View

Aztec CannonI get to shoot the SDSU Aztecs cannon at Qualcomm Stadium for football games and have for several years! There are many interesting and fun aspects of my life but none top my pyrotechnic work with Pyro Spectaculars. My wife is a licensed pyrotechnic operator; we do the 4th of July show in Ramona, KGB Skyshow, fire the Aztec cannon and any other chance to work with explosives they give us. This is a new feature about what I’m seeing while waiting for the Aztecs to score so we can fire.

This feature is about the game on Saturday, September 22nd against San Jose State Spartans. Coming off a big victory the week before I was hopeful SDSU had some momentum and would outperform the critics’ predictions and pull off a victory. Another operator Glenn, my wife, and I showed up at the stadium an hour and a half before gametime. That may seem really early but you don’t want to deal with bumper to bumper traffic while towing a cannon. It would also be unsafe for us to transport the cannon and the “shells” through a large crowd.

Getting the maintenance guy to tow us down to the field was easy and smooth, which is not always the case. We got set up really quickly; the 3 of us have been shooting the cannon together so long we are a well oiled machine. There were at least 45 minutes until the kickoff so we got to relax for a while. Being on the field during a football game is a tremendous experience in itself; getting to rock the stadium with cannon fire while they are announcing the Aztecs’ entrance and when they score puts it over the top.

Aztecs Football doing stretchesI took advantage of the time we had before the game to take a few pictures of the team warming up, have a snack and joke with Andi and Glenn about needing more shells because they were going to score 50 points again.

The first few drives were pretty boring and seemed like we were evenly matched. Good physical play, then we fumbled and they scored a field goal. Defense still looked strong, at least we kept them out of the end zone.

We get the ball back and score a touch down, boom goes the cannon and the stadium is loud with cheers! Unfortunately, which would turn out to be a theme of the night, San Jose scores right back. On the kickoff their man went untouched into the end zone.

A few more scores back and forth and we get to half time all tied up at 17. I was still confident we were going to pull it out. We seemed like we were building some control of the game.

We come back from the half and get an early touchdown and now I’m starting think we got it wrapped up but I was too optimistic. San Jose just keeps up with every step and you can see this is going to come down to the wire. Fast forwarding to the crazy fourth quarter…

College football has a knack for unpredictable finishes and this was certainly one of them. With 5 minutes left the Aztecs had a 4 point lead. Then San Jose marches down the field and scores; we’re now down by 4 with 3:26 left. We score and go up by 4 with 2:24 left and that would prove too much time to leave the competition. The Spartans score the game winning touchdown with 50 seconds left. SDSU puts up a good effort for a miracle but it’s not in the cards and we lose a tough game 38-34.

Regardless of the outcome, the experience of being that connected to the game and the focus it takes to perform the job of operating the cannon are both exhilarating and exhausting. We had a great time and I can’t wait until the next home game, October 6th, which is the KGB Skyshow as well! Don’t miss the biggest fireworks show that will be shot in San Diego County this year, tickets are just $16. Have a look at the photos and let me know what you think.

CCS Am Project – The Winners

CCS Sponsors Twelve New Ams Discovered Through The Am Project

(New York) – CCS announces the winners of The Am Project, an ambitious initiative the retailer launched to discover the skate world’s most promising and gifted amateur skateboarders. CCS launched a 60-day, nationwide search accepting video submissions from hundreds of today’s rising talent.

After reviewing hours upon hours of footage the top candidates were carefully selected and the public had a chance to vote for the two winners. A final ten were chosen by CCS’ pro skate team riders including Torey Pudwill, Ryan Sheckler, Mark Appleyard, Theotis Beasley and Lizard King.

CCS Am Project video montage showcasing select tricks of all 12 up-and-coming ams

The top two chosen through online votes:

Trent Hazelwood – Mechanicsville, VA
Mikey Whitehouse – Edinburg, TX

The CCS pro team select winners:

Mike Piwowar – Chicago, IL
Sammy Montano – Fullerton, CA
Nolan Reardon -Culver City, CA
Matt Fisher – American Fork, UT
Matt Lemond – Santa Monica, CA
Major Jones – Oakland, CA
Vinnie Thomas – Houston, TX
Gary Bolos – Shallotte, NC
Jonathon Yanez – Rivera, CA
Clay Kosh – College Station, TX

The AM Project was made possible by brand partnerships with DGK, adidas, LRG, Girl, Nike, Krew, Emerica, Independent, Volcom, Ricta, Bones wheels, Theeve, Venture, Element and Lakai. In its third year, The Am Project strives to identify and support the most promising upcoming skateboarders around the country, putting them well on the path to pro. The 12 winners will receive a year sponsorship including cash, travel, product and well-deserved exposure.

Congratulations to the well deserved winners of an amazing chance to show the world their stuff. One of the biggest challenges in the skateboarding is getting in front of companies when you are looking for sponsorship and this project is tremendous for newly discovered talent. How stoked would you be if Torey Pudwill, Ryan Sheckler, Mark Appleyard, Theotis Beasley and Lizard King approved your skating and picked you for the team?

Stay tuned to for extensive coverage of all the winners.

For More Information Visit:

Official Website:




Instagram: @CCS_Skate

Societe Brewing Through Sore Eyes

After being introduced to Societe at the NKOTB beer event, I arranged a guided tour and tasting at the brewery for me and a few friends on September 14th.  I was excited they were willing to take us around their facility and talk about their beers.  They were the surprise hit of the NKOTB and I was impressed with their quality beer instantly.

When we arrived at the brewery I was really happy with the facility.  It was a large open tasting room, with clear views of all the brewing equipment and the cold room where the barrels for the sour beers are stored.  The tasting room has large benches, stand up tables and a lot of bar space.  It felt comfortable, open and inviting.

Travis Smith introduced himself (he’s one of the founders), and we jumped right into tasting the first beer, the Harlot. After we grabbed our beers, we started the tour. As we entered the actual brewing section, he explained the Harlot was the first beer produced by Societe.  It’s a light, crisp Belgian that really has something special in the subtleties of the taste.  You get a mild floral and fruitiness that goes with tons of food or moods, a versatile beer that could easily be an everyday drinker.  He said that’s why this is the beer he drinks the most – life is about occasions, and the Harlot goes with any.
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Andy Macdonald – Straight Up

Andy Macdonald is a straight up skateboard legend. One of the most accessible, grateful and humble professionals I have ever met. He always makes time to talk to the kids (and their parents) at the skateparks.

One of the reasons Andy has had such longevity in skateboarding is because he has always skated in full pads and worn a helmet. There is a lot of struggle in the skating world about pads and helmets but it’s hard to argue it’s not a major reason all the top vert skaters (I’m not counting the 14yr old invasion but they’re wearing pads too) have had such long careers.

You may not think pads are cool, your friends may give you crap for wearing a helmet but being able to skate for more than 20 years is way cooler than concussions and broken bones ending your fun.

This video is great and filled with incredibly difficult tricks. If you follow Andy you know he posts a lot of AndyCam footage but he has obviously put in the work on this part to make it special. The two closing moves are mind blowing to me; 5050 grind to ollie the gap on Tony Hawk’s ramp and a triple kick flip to close it all down.

This also features an all original sound track from Mix Master Mike, something incredibly rare for a skating edit. I have already watched 3 times, sit back and enjoy some great skating from a true skateboard legend!

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